30 Days Mini Challenge

2020-11-08 • ☕️ 2 min read

Facebook Developer Circles Port-au-Prince Challenge

In the spirit of staying creative and productive, I was excited to invite you to a 30-day mini-challenge. It started on November 9 and ended on December 8, 2020.

The goal was to use a technology you were familiar with, along with your creativity, to create or learn something new over those 30 days. You could have:

  1. Developed an app (web/mobile) focused on a specific topic.
  2. Written a library/plugin in any language you were proficient in (JavaScript / TypeScript / ReactJS / React Native / VueJS / AngularJS / Python / PHP / Ruby / Java / C / C++ / C#).
  3. Developed an extension that you could publish on the Chrome/Firefox web store.
  4. Created your personal website or launched your own blog.
  5. Participated and contributed to an open-source project.
  6. Written articles on topics you thought would be helpful to others.
  7. Learned a new language/library/technique/etc.
  8. Developed and shared a public API that other developers could use.

The prize for this challenge was the result of your 30-day effort. It was a way to motivate yourself and see how you could use creativity and technology to create something beneficial for yourself, the community, and also to add to your portfolio.

This challenge was an opportunity to create something interesting. You were encouraged to start thinking about what you would accomplish. It didn't need to be something complex or on the scale of developing the next (Google / Facebook / WhatsApp / Twitter / etc...).

We joined together in the Facebook Developer Circle group to stay updated on everything that was happening during those 30 days.