My Journey with Le Wagon

2024-04-11 • ☕️ 7 min read


In this blog post, I want to share my inspiring journey as a senior software engineer who completed the Data Science Bootcamp at Le Wagon in Montreal back in 2022. I'll discuss my experience at the bootcamp and how I'm applying my newfound skills in my current role.

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

I'm a senior software engineer with over 7 years of experience developing digital products. I specialize in crafting top-tier solutions that focus on quality, maintainability and user-centric design.

In addition to my professional work, I'm an active member of the tech community in my home country of Haiti. My dual passions of technology and community building drive my dedication to fostering growth and knowledge sharing. I strive to bring innovative solutions to life in and outside of work.

What did you do before joining Le Wagon?

Prior to joining Le Wagon, I had a rich and diverse professional background. I gained over 6 years of experience as a software engineer developing digital products. Most recently, I served as a senior engineer at Gaya, a US insurtech startup leveraging AI to transform insurance workflows. There, I helped craft back-end and API solutions that seamlessly integrated with their groundbreaking AI assistant.

Additionally, I founded a digital agency called Syntax Studio in 2020, where I currently serve as partner and tech lead. At Syntax, I oversee our mission of delivering reliable, user-centric digital solutions for startups and enterprises using modern tech stacks, and tools.

What drew you to the Data Science BootCamp?

My lifelong fascination with data led me to Le Wagon's intensive Data Science Bootcamp. I graduated with an MS I in Database Systems back in 2015, cementing my passion for the world of data. In our modern digital society, data plays a crucial role across every industry and domain. It provides invaluable insights that drive decision-making, problem-solving, process improvements, and deeper customer understanding.

Furthermore, I am confident that the expertise and competencies I gained from this program will afford me a distinct competitive edge in my professional undertakings and business endeavors.

Why did you choose to attend this bootcamp in Montreal?

I chose to attend Le Wagon's bootcamp in Montreal for several key reasons:

  • As someone fluent in French and English, Montreal offered the ideal location among Le Wagon's many campuses in Americas. The bilingual nature of the city allowed me to fully immerse in the program and experience Montreal's vibrant culture.
  • Attending the bootcamp in Canada allowed me to fulfill my long-held desire of exploring this beautiful country. It allowed me to combine my educational objectives with personal exploration, effectively "killing two birds with one stone," as the saying goes.

What did you think of the bootcamp?

Attending Le Wagon's Data Science Bootcamp was an incredibly rewarding experience that exceeded my high expectations. As one of the top-ranked coding bootcamps worldwide, Le Wagon provided a stellar learning environment from start to finish.

  • The 9-week curriculum was meticulously structured to provide the optimal blend of theory and hands-on application. I was impressed by the well-balanced pace, logical progression, and real-world relevance of the coursework.
  • The talented teachers and teacher assistants brought contagious energy and deep expertise that truly enhanced the learning journey. My fellow driven, diverse cohortmates made for outstanding peer support and collaboration too.
  • I also appreciated Le Wagon's emphasis on building a thriving global community. Connecting with past alumni, local tech professionals, and the broader Le Wagon network creates wonderful opportunities to grow both professionally and personally.

What did you like best? What struck you the most?

The aspect of Le Wagon's bootcamp that made the biggest impression on me was the thoughtful curriculum design and expert instruction. The learning modules clearly mapped to real-world data science workflows, while gradually building up both hard technical skills and broader analytical thinking abilities.

I was particularly struck by how effectively the instructors leveraged case studies, hands-on exercises, and coding challenges to reinforce key concepts and techniques. This active, learn-by-doing approach allowed me to gain tangible skills in data wrangling, machine learning, statistical modeling, and impactful data visualization.

Did you have any concerns before joining the bootcamp and how did you overcome them?

Before Le Wagon, I was concerned about learning the mathematical concepts of data science in English rather than in my native language, French. I had learned mathematical concepts in French and wasn't sure I could transfer the mental models to English.

However, I was determined to overcome this:

  • Before the bootcamp, I studied key terminology in both languages to make connections.
  • During the program, the instructors provided guidance to reinforce my understanding and build comfort applying concepts in English.
  • My French-speaking peers were an invaluable resource, allowing me to discuss and validate my grasp of key ideas.

With diligence and support, I gained confidence comprehending data science math in English. This experience greatly improved my communication and problem-solving abilities. Le Wagon equipped me to overcome my concerns and thrive using my multilingual skills.

What did you do once the bootcamp was over?

For two months after finishing the bootcamp in December 2022, I decided to extend my stay in Montreal. During this time, I aimed to connect with professionals and fellow alumni, as well as explore more of Montreal's beautiful landscapes.

Interestingly, while in Montreal, I received a job offer from a local company. However, due to personal reasons, I decided to return to Haiti.

What do you do now? What is your role in the company?

I am currently employed at Gaya, the same company I was associated with prior to my enrollment in the bootcamp. I work as backend-end engineer which involves a deep immersion in data-related tasks, encompassing API implementation, query composition, data preparation for visualization, and collaboration within a cross-functional team primarily centered on AI/ML initiatives.

How do you use the skills you acquired at Le Wagon?

The intensive upskilling I received at Le Wagon has proven invaluable in my current role:

  • In the rapidly evolving landscape of AI, I have become well-versed in numerous concepts drawn from data science, machine learning, and deep learning.
  • The bootcamp provided me with an extensive array of terminology and techniques that have significantly enhanced the efficiency of my workflow.
  • Beyond technical skills, Le Wagon's critical thinking framework guides me in addressing complex data challenges. This practical training enables me to provide meaningful insights for business strategy.

Le Wagon prepared me well, combining technical expertise, analytical thinking, and cross-functional collaboration to drive impactful change through data.

Would you recommend Le Wagon to someone? Why?

I wholeheartedly recommend Le Wagon for anyone looking to advance their data science or web development career:

  • The immersive bootcamp provided an outstanding foundation in technical skills and critical thinking needed to deliver impactful data solutions.
  • The hands-on, intensive training resulted in an accelerated learning curve. The knowledgeable instructors and mentors bring commitment to student success. My talented, diverse peers spurred personal growth through varied perspectives.
  • Le Wagon also created a thriving global community for ongoing value through knowledge sharing and networking.
  • For those passionate about leveraging data to drive change, Le Wagon offers the ideal springboard with its real-world projects. Whether looking to pivot careers or enhance a role, Le Wagon will expand skills, mindset and opportunities.

The program exceeded my expectations.


My journey from software engineer to data science bootcamp graduate is a testament to the transformative power of education and the value of the Le Wagon experience. My story showcases the importance of continuous learning, embracing challenges, and leveraging a supportive community in the pursuit of personal and professional growth.

If you're considering a career in data science or looking to enhance your skills, my experience with Le Wagon provides valuable insights and inspiration. With the right mindset, dedication, and a top-notch educational program like Le Wagon, you too can unlock new opportunities and make a meaningful impact in the world of data.