Key Questions for Successful Project

2020-06-21 • ☕️ 2 min read

With age and experience comes the realization that the success of any agency or software engineering team hinges on their understanding of the client's vision. Throughout my career, I've seen projects both soar and stumble, often tracing the difference back to the presence or absence of effective management.

The crux of project success often lies in the initiation phase. This critical first step sets the trajectory for the project, determining its ultimate success or failure. It's here that a clear, comprehensive grasp of what needs to be built is essential.

To aid in navigating this crucial phase, I've compiled a list of 16 key questions designed to unearth uncertainties and clarify the project's scope and objectives. These inquiries are invaluable during project kickoff meetings, guiding you toward a fuller understanding of the project's requirements and goals.

Key Questions for Successful Project Initiation:
  1. What specific problems is this project aiming to solve?
  2. What are the project's expected outcomes and high-level objectives?
  3. Are there any prerequisites to this project? If so, when will they be completed?
  4. Does this project depend on any other ongoing projects or activities?
  5. Is there any prior work related to this project that should be considered?
  6. Who are the project's stakeholders?
  7. Who is the target audience for this project?
  8. What steps are crucial for the project's success?
  9. What is the project's deadline?
  10. What deliverables are outside the project's scope (e.g., photos, videos, graphics, content)?
  11. Can you outline the project requirements now, categorized as "Must Have," "Should Have," and "Nice to Have"?
  12. What do you perceive as the major risks to this project?
  13. What single barrier, if removed, would significantly accelerate progress?
  14. Who will be our primary point of contact?
  15. On which platforms will the product be accessible?
  16. Is there anything we haven’t asked that we should know?

These foundational questions aim to deepen your understanding of the project, fostering alignment and commitment from all parties involved.

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