Why I Started Blogging

2019-08-25 • ☕️ 3 min read

Every journey begins with a purpose, a spark that ignites the path forward. My path into the world of blogging was no exception, and I'd like to delve into the motivations that propelled me into this endeavor. Was it the allure of documentation, the chase for recognition, the potential for additional income, or perhaps a desire to contribute to the open-source community? People embark on new ventures for countless reasons, and here, I aim to shed light on mine.

The catalyst for my blogging journey was twofold:

  • To document my professional and learning milestones
  • To generate and disseminate content for community enrichment

For the longest time, I grappled with the notion that my insights were of little value. Who would engage with my content, let alone find it beneficial? This self-doubt held me back until I realized the error in my perspective. Starting a blog had been a missed opportunity; one I should have seized much earlier. Reflecting on my software engineering journey, the absence of a blog since my college days (2010 - 2015) stands out as a significant oversight. To any software engineer devoid of a blogging platform: consider starting one immediately. The earlier, the better—your future self will undoubtedly be grateful for such a decisive step.

Documenting, Creating, and Sharing embody the essence of a software engineer's existence.

“A historical gap is created by the absence of written records.” —Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!

Venturing into the blogging sphere is an act of courage. Remember, your blog can serve as a beacon of assistance to others. Mastery isn't a prerequisite for teaching; a thorough understanding of your subject is all you need to guide and inform. Blogging is a testament to your willingness to help fellow developers—a trait highly regarded by employers. It showcases your readiness to confront and share your developmental hurdles, embodying the qualities of a promising developer.


Consistently documenting your professional endeavors and learning journey is a testament to perpetual growth. It not only enhances your capacity to learn but also significantly propels your career forward.

Explore the philosophy behind documenting with this insightful video: The Philosophy of Documenting:

Click on the following link to watch The Philosophy of Documenting.

Creating and sharing

In today's rapidly evolving tech landscape, sharing knowledge is pivotal for progress and innovation. As our technology stacks grow in complexity, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing not only aids the community but also benefits our professional lives.

Sharing is the ultimate act of generosity. Having reaped the benefits of the open-source community, I now aim to contribute to its growth and continual evolution.


This piece reflects on the personal motivations behind my blogging journey—an endeavor I postponed for too long. If you've yet to start a blog, I hope my story inspires you to embark on this rewarding journey.

A blog serves multiple purposes: it can generate leads, become a platform for future product sales, or simply be a space to express your thoughts freely. Regardless of its use, a blog is a powerful tool for any professional.